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We have the finalized mastered audio from “Shattered Silence” back from New Vine Media…and as they would they say, the rest is history.

From the desk of Jack Morgan Productions,

The film will be aired on GodTV starting November 18th.  New Vine Media has done an outstanding job at mixing, editing, mastering, voice match, producing even many of the tracks that are featured in the film. JMP is extremely grateful for the time and effort that was put into this audio. I think everyone will appreciate the the level of quality, professionalism and attention to detail that John Carter brings to the final chapter of this film. The film is now ready to be printed for final output and sent off to the programmers at  A sound editor is a creative professional responsible for selecting and assembling sound recordings in preparation for the final sound mixing or mastering of a television program, motion picture, video game, or any production involving recorded or synthetic  Under the direction of John Carter he has taken over 70 tracks and 11 artists, 100’s of sound effects, a musical score from Luke Worle, over 50 interviews, and narration throughout the film. John and his team have helped craft what is almost 50% of the film, the sound. (Our part took only 14 months of editing…ya I know)Thank you to everyone at New Vine Media for making this project a major success story and my prayer is that this will help elevate the calling New Vine Media has on this generation and the world.

New Vine and Jack Morgan Productions have partnered to finish and release Shattered Silence, a documentary taking you into the world of mental health; told from the heart of each character, which brings real and raw emotion to this thought provoking work.

The director Joseph Channell,  really wanted to make a film that would show real people going through some of the major issues that our country is facing at an epidemic rate.  This film took over 3 years to complete from concept to final output. Over 4000 + hours of production time, featuring 11 artists with over 70 music tracks, and 60+ interviews.  The film can be broken down to work with schools, small groups, organizations to learn about the issues they would like to discuss. Also, can work with federal law of separation from church and state in the school system.

“One of the most memorable parts of the documentary for me is when one of the Marine veterans shared about the level of brotherhood and loyalty in the Marine Corp: If one soldier dies three mile away on a hill the entire platoon would put their life on the line again to bring that soldier home. I walk away from this film feeling challenged to reach out into my own community, and bring the promise of hope and freedom to the ones that are suffering in silence. I was personally impacted by bullying when I was in grade school, and it was only by speaking up and talking to someone that it finally stopped. My hope is that the more we begin to shed light on this problem, the more we share our own personal experiences, the more we liberate others to begin talking and seeking help. One person reaching out could be the one opportunity for hope in someone’s life.”

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